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Created in 2013, Myndset Apparel is a lifestyle brand. We focus our efforts on fitness and wellness, aspiring to motivate and inspire individuals towards truly getting what they want out of life. We believe in active lifestyles, enabling individuals to pursue and achieve the goals that they desire – whether short or long-term.

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We believe everything is attainable by manifesting the right mindset, through: belief, motivation, focus and discipline  With this in mind, Myndset creates apparel with motivational slogans that will resonate with the individual and in turn will inspire themselves and the people around them. The term resonate is key. We strive to create products that individuals can relate to with the objective of empowering individuals as a whole.

Simply put – we  believe accomplishment starts from within. It is the individuals mindset that will determine what they are capable of. It comes to down to your mind and your mindset. If we quickly switch over to a first-person perspective, we have – my mind, my mindset. This is the simple, yet magical essence of Myndset.

At the backdrop of Myndset Apparel, there are two topics that are of extreme importance to us; fitness and wellness. We pride ourselves on these two topics due to the significant role they play in our everyday lives. We define fitness as being in good physical shape. This can be achieved through a variety of means, whether it be – the gym, sports, or whichever physical activity you enjoy. Wellness on the other hand, deals with our overall state of well-being. What defines well-being? We believe a sense of well-being is derived from achieving the things that bring us happiness and fulfillment. This arises from the satisfaction of our present condition which is attained through deliberate effort – pursuing the things we enjoy in life and making the correct decisions to get us there, effectively enjoying a state of “flow”. This is fitness and wellness, or should we say health and happiness?


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IMG_20130115_163004ABOUT THE APPAREL
At Myndset Apparel, we strive to create garments with a fashion sense. Being a lifestyle brand, we want to provide you with street wear as well as fitness oriented garments. From the urban streets, to the mountains, to the gym and back, Myndset follows. We specialize ourselves in creating typography based designs complemented with minimal shapes and figures with a strong emphasis on simplicity. We have designed our garments specifically to be aesthetically pleasing making it an exciting garment to wear wherever you go.


To start, when you buy from Myndset Apparel you can assure yourselves that you are getting a high quality premium product. Garments that are fashionable, comfortable and original. More importantly, when you sport Myndset Apparel, you are supporting a brand that in reality is setting out to empower individuals for the better. With Myndset Apparel, you are sharing our passion and at the same time expressing your own passion – partaking in our project towards inspiration. We see ourselves as an outlet for inspiring friends, family, strangers and our generation as a whole using apparel as an means of spreading awareness of Myndset.

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